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'Plan 39' - An AU(?) United States Map by GJTProductions 'Plan 39' - An AU(?) United States Map by GJTProductions
Now I KNOW this will be controversial. Basically, this is my first dabbling in AU mapping. This alternate U.S. map is derived from the "38-states" map created in the mid 1970s ([link]) by Prof. C. Etzel Pearcy, geography professor at California State University, Los Angeles. The major adjustments are in having more realistic boundary lines and adding Puerto Rico as the hypothetical 39 (as it will likely become a state within the next 20 years)

"January 2016 - With the economy of the United States imploding due to rampant inflation eroding the value of the United States dollar, President Barack Obama announces 'Plan 39', a 'full-scale economic and political recovery plan' that divides the United States and Puerto Rico into 39 'economic recovery zones' and appointing 'economic governors' to 'gain control and restore the economic situation'.

A leaked preliminary version of the 'Plan 39' map instead suggested the President recarving the states themselves to suit political purposes. The population, particularly in rural areas, exploded in revolt over the leaked map. Most of the state governors and state militias, supported by armed citizens, refused to yield power to the appointed 'economic governors', and when the Federal Army was ordered to suppress the revolts, most officers simply refused to follow the orders, citing the numerous Constitutional violations of the plan. When UN troops were sent in to enforce Plan 39, federal and state soldiers drove them back. Then most of the 'rebel' states called for a constitutional convention in Austin, Texas; President Obama, his position very weak, withdrew Plan 39 as he would otherwise lose effective control of most of the country. The entire incident ultimately lead to his impeachment a month later and a crushing Republican victory in the November 2016 elections."

Number notes:
1. "Cascadia" - merged Washington and Oregon.
2. Idaho sliced a chunk out of Montana...
3. ... but Montana got some of Wyoming in return.
4. The two Dakotas merged into one large state.
5. "Superior" - combined Minnesota, (most of) Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan.
6. "Rump" Michigan.
7. "Rump" Iowa after the western half was swallowed by "Platte".
8. "State of Chicago" - alias "the Chicago Rectangle". Would have essentially been the "fiefdom" of the Chicago mayor.
9. Illinois got half of Missouri in compensation for "the Chicago Rectangle".
10. "Rump" Indiana.
11. Ohio was split in two. They hadn't decided what to call the west half before the plan was aborted.
12. East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania merged into what was tentatively called "Erie".
13. "North New York" - essentially the same as "upstate New York".
14. "North New England" - merger of Maine, Vermont and most of New Hampshire.
15. "South New England" - the Boston "fiefdom".
16. "South New York" - the New York City "fiefdom".
17. Officially called the State of Pennsylvania, but really the Philadelphia "fiefdom".
18. "North California" - California was split into two states, the northern half taking most of Nevada.
19. Utah took a big chunk of Wyoming.
20. Colorado was greatly expanded, taking most of Wyoming and the western edges of its neighbors.
21. "Platte" - formed from pieces of four Midwestern states.
22. "Cumberland" - formed from the majority of Kentucky and Tennessee.
23. West Virginia was redrawn into this odd rectangular shape. May have been renamed into "Appalachia" in the final version of the plan.
24. Officially called the State of Virginia, but probably would have been a greatly expanded Federal District in the final plan.
25. "South California" - took the Las Vegas portion of Nevada.
26. New Mexico, Arizona and the westernmost parts of Texas merged into an expanded New Mexico. Primarily Native American control there.
27. Oklahoma took the Texas Panhandle.
28. Arkansas was expanded eastward into a roughly rectangular shape.
29. A reduced but still large Texas.
30. Like Arkansas, Louisiana was expanded eastward.
31. Alabama took the Florida Panhandle.
32. A reduced Georgia - the exact lines would probably be somewhat different in the final version.
33. "Carolina" - the odd shape apparently resulting from lack of cooperation on the part of the North Carolina representatives of the plan.
34. "Albermarle" - see previous entry for explanation.
35. Florida was compensated for the loss of the panhandle.
36. "South Alaska" - Alaska was split into two. "White" controlled area.
37. "North Alaska" - "Native" controlled area. Lines would probably have been tweaked in final design.
38. Hawaiian Islands
39. Puerto Rico - marked as an economic recovery zone, implicitly admitting it as a state in the plan.
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Kerian-halcyon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This looks interesting. Even though some people out there who would not feel interested about this, changing up state boundaries is something that has intrigued me and my brothers for a while now. Unfortunately given the pride between many states it might not be possible, but it's a nice way to look at what could have happened (or what can happen in the future).

Hey, a little suggestion in case if you do this again, but Idaho was initially planned on appearing like a man sitting on a canoe before the state boundaries for Montana and Oregon/Washington were drawn up. Given that a lot of eastern Washington/Oregon tends to share similar opinions with Idaho, it might be interesting to put them together...^^
Misty-T-H Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
I'll just hop skip over to Canada, I love Idaho, but I like having a pointy arrow for a state. Plus, Canada is a nice place :la:

Either do that or fly across seas somewhere xD
DarkwingDrake Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
meep! if this happens, sounds like we`re going into a second civil war. well not exactly, but pretty close :O
Hope this doesn`t happen, then again if it leads to Obama`s impeachment, maybe it`s a good idea XD
we`ll just have to see what happens ey?
Petrolize Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013

ArkAngel21 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GJTProductions Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
It's worth pointing out again that this is based on a REAL proposal to change the United States. Granted, it's a 40+ year old proposal, but still...
ramen0101 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
i don't understand the point of this
why would you even make up this hypothetical
all you did was redraw lines on a map

0 stars/would not look at again

maybe better next time?
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