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June 8, 2012
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Wreck-It Ralph - The Bad-Anon Meeting by GJTProductions Wreck-It Ralph - The Bad-Anon Meeting by GJTProductions
Just a little something for my new watchers (and to show I'm still alive here :))

Recently got pointed to the trailer for the upcoming Disney movie "Wreck-It Ralph", and the movie instantly jumped into "must-see" territory. Disney is REALLY ambitious with this one (think "Who Framed Roger Rabbit with video game characters"!)

Anyways, one part of the trailer shows a bunch of villain characters in an AA-parody group: "Bad-Anon". All of these seem to be major video game villains (with the exception of Zangief). I know some of these but not all of them. Anyone who can point out the ones I don't know gets 10 DA points. (For real! :D)

Besides Wreck-It Ralph, there are 13 characters in the wide-shot here:

1. "Satin"; inspired by "Horny" from Dungeon Keeper
2. Human Smoke (Mortal Kombat; appears to have replaced MegaMan villain Dr. Wily)
3. Bowser (Mario archnemesis)
4. Zangief (Street Fighter; not a villain in the main series, but is in the other-media adaptations)
5. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Sonic archnemesis)
6. M. Bison (Street Fighter)
7. Clyde (one of the original four Pac-Man ghosts, seems to be the leader of the group)
8. Based on robot from Blast Corps (Nintendo 64)
9. Based on Mishaela from Shining Force
10. Demon Master Neff (Altered Beast)
11. Beholder (Dungeons and Dragons)
12. Kano (Mortal Kombat)
13. Zombie (based on Cyril from House of the Dead)

Happy hunting!

EDIT: earthbender318 identified #2 as a specific character, not a generic ninja.
EDIT 2: Upping the reward for #9 to 50 DA points, because there have been a number of wrong guesses (close but not exact) already. Need an EXACT match (with picture link) for this one to be rewarded.
EDIT 3: Contest effectively closed! Thanks for all the guesses!
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2 is not smoke, obviously they could not get any rights for mortal kombat hence the generic "cyborg" (which is what 12 is named in the credits btw) that used Kano's heart rip. 2 is the black ninja from the ninja gaiden arcade game, you can tell from his stance
Why they forgot Wily? >.<
They replaced him with someone else. Maybe because the MegaMan franchise hasn't been doing so well lately?
[I just thought I'd let people know that #9 is Sorceress. There's a Tapper's caricature of her, and it's signed with the name "Sorceress".]
rayblack2004 May 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
#8 is actually from "Rise of the Robots"
Ishiathetiger Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i thought 13 was just a random zombie from plants vs zombies...
I thought 8 was Sektor...
12 is not kano he's Mech Morphix from Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project [link]
I'm going to guess that they couldn't get the rights for the MK characters since that's the only explanation to why they look so different. Anyway this pic is awesome and the movie was awesome!
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