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MLP:FiM - Dork Knight Motivator by GJTProductions MLP:FiM - Dork Knight Motivator :icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 28 13
MLP Season 5 Episode Ideas
Some ideas for episodes of Season 5 of MLP: Friendship is Magic (given in alphabetic order by episode title)
"Betrix't Hope and Despair" (two-parter, would be season-opener or season-ender): "While investigating rumors of King Sombra's resurrection, a task force lead by Prince Shining Armor of the Crystal Empire encounters a psychotic 'Great and Powerful' Trixie. Quickly captured and imprisoned by the Crystal Empire Prince, Trixie demands a 'duel to the death' with Princess Twilight Sparkle. Twilight reluctantly agrees to the demand, but on the hour of the duel an unexpected visitor arrives making an extraordinary claim about Trixie! Now Twilight must work with an old foe to get to the truth behind Trixie's psychosis and stop the renegade filly from hurting the innocent..."
"Bluest of Bluebloods": "Prince Blueblood visits Ponyville and the new castle there, but gets a cold shoulder from Rainbow Dash among others. To convince the haters of their wrong attitude, he and Rarity team up to
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 5 3
The Canterlot Chronicles - 'Season 1' Logo by GJTProductions The Canterlot Chronicles - 'Season 1' Logo :icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 0 0 MLP:FIM 'It's All Real' Story Image by GJTProductions MLP:FIM 'It's All Real' Story Image :icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 3 0
MLP:FiM A New Mission
The Canterlot Chronicles
Episode 2: A New Mission
"Captain's complements. He wants to see you in fulldress at the doors to throne room before the start of your work shift."
There were few words that could inspire more uncertainty, more panic, in the heart of a member of the Guard than those. Hence when Lieutenant Shining Armor was given those very words, his constant doubletime marching and visible worry were not wholly unjustified. When he finally reached the doors to the throne room, he was greeted by the Captain of the Guard himself.
The Captain then was a crusty old unicorn, medium-brown with a gray mane and tail, named Gibraltar. Specializing in what we would call "earthbending", he had spent many long years in field service and only came to Canterlot to spend the last years of his military career in peace. The return of Nightmare Moon was the first in a series of events that would eventually prove the need for younger blood in cha
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 2 0
Chivalry, Brother of Friendship by GJTProductions Chivalry, Brother of Friendship :icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 63 1
MLP: FIM It's All Real
"It's all real, isn't it? Your sister... the thousand-year banishment... the prophecy of her return... they all really happened, are happening right now!"
"Your Highness, please, I must know! This is the thousandth year since her banishment, and everything is coming true as that prophecy said! If that prophecy isn't true, why is all this happening?"
"Shining, please, you must understand..."
"My sister's out there! You sent Twily to Ponyville to supervise the Summer Sun Celebration when I or anypony else from the Guard could have done that job. There must be a reason you did that. Please, tell me!"
The sun princess lets out a sad sigh before giving her reply: "It is real, Shining Armor, very much real. I let the legend build up over the thousand years because the lies would be less painful than the truth. Now the truth is displayed for everypony to see."
"But what does my sister have to do with this? Why was she sent to Ponyville?"
"She is my hope because she
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 3 0
MLP: FIM One Good Stallion
MLP: The Canterlot Chronicles
Episode 1 - One Good Stallion
The past twelve hours had been a blur of hastily given and taken orders, brave faces and generally trying to avoid giving into panic on the day the old prophecies came true. He was mentally exhausted and disoriented, but the sad song echoing through the hallways of Canterlot Castle spurred him onward. These were days history would be made and Guard members like himself could prove their true value beyond a shadow of a doubt.
There was an image that would not leave his head, searing his conscience and moving him to pity. Mere hours ago, he had been part of an honor guard for the return of Princess Luna to residence in Canterlot Castle. A thousand years of legend had proven horrible truth, but also that the Elements of Harmony wielded by Princess Celestia's personal student Twilight Sparkle and five others had defeated "Nightmare Moon" and restored Princes
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 3 1
MLP: FIM - The Long Road Home
MLP: The Canterlot Chronicles
Overture: The Long Road Home
A sweet, spritely voice echoed in the ruins of the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, reinforcing the mood of jubilant relief shared among those present there. The nightmare had ended, a new day of hope had dawned over Equestria.
"A party, a party! We'll throw a great big party in Ponyville, and everypony will be invited of course!" Pinkie Pie was exclaiming, bouncing around the room she was in with irrepressible energy as she spoke. Her antics tweaked smiles from the other fillies now marked as bearers of the Elements of Harmony with her - Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity - as well as the ruler of Equestria herself with them, Princess Celestia. Even Princess Luna, released from the prison of "Nightmare Moon" minutes before, managed the briefest glimmer of a smile before her expression resumed the blank stare of the emotionally and physic
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 3 0
Tales of the Lion King: A Matter of Loyalty
Tales of the Lion King: A Matter of Loyalty
Pack Leader Gongo was still running, the rain falling hard again on the Pridelands. The horror he had recently experienced propelled him away, the horror he feared if he failed his mission propelled him back toward what parts the hyenas still controlled of that kingdom.
Despite his explict orders, Pack Leader Gongo headed back to Kampala, where his pack had been stationed and refugees from the previous battle had congregated. The urge to make sure his pack was alright compelled him to go there, as Kampala was the only stronghold left to the hyenas on that side of the river - Gongo knew their forces lacked the strength to take any more watering holes. As Gongo approached Kampala, yet another horror unfolded before him in the rain.
Quickly he ducked behind a tree. Pridelanders there, his pack gone - his Pack Mother and two others lay at the feet of the lionesses, unmoving. He recognized Rusizi, the oldest of the lionesses that had sided with Zi
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 0 0
Digimon - Sweetly Whispered
"... Who are you?"
"You know me, and yet you don't know me."
"... WHAT are you?"
"A hope, an anchor against despair."
"... Are you an angel?"
"Only if you believe."
"Why me? I don't... feel..."
"You are worth more than you think you do. You have done more good than any of us may ever know. You have earned your admission to our ranks. But only if you believe that you can be as great as us. You must believe, and you must keep him from the darkness."
"... I don't... I don't understand..."
"One day you will. One day you will know all, and understand these sweet whispers. Until then, you must believe, you must trust."
It was easy for Wormmon to be a shrinking violet of a Digimon. Never very talkative to begin with, Ken's descent into darkness as "the Digimon Emperor" turned Wormmon even more inward, hiding his pain and despair behind a curtain of general silence and hurt expressions. When it all poured out, at that critical battle, the cost was everything; he h
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 1 0
'Plan 39' - An AU(?) United States Map by GJTProductions 'Plan 39' - An AU(?) United States Map :icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 4 7
Tales of the Lion King: End of an Era
Tales of the Lion King: End of an Era
In the pouring rains, a hyena was running through grass regrowing. Far above him, a winged spy, watching to see where the fugitive was going to lead him...
Pack Leader Gongo was running, racing, seeking desperately the location of the Matriarch and the two with her. The rain dripping off his muzzle, he looked all around, convinced he was being followed but not being able to see what was following him - Zazu was a master at avoiding detection by the hyenas he generally now monitored.
Gongo had already seen misery and pain in the war. He had watched his parents die of burns and his older brother be torn apart by lion claws during the fight at Pride Rock in which Scar was overthrown, leaving Gongo in charge of a shattered pack and several very vulnerable pups. The pups were taken from him without authority by defectors who claimed they could care for them better elsewhere than here, and then the pack of his aunt and uncle was destro
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 0 0
Wreck-It Ralph: Trim Up The Tree
"Oh, I love this song! Dashing through the snow... in a one-horse open sleigh... over the fields we go... Come on Ralph, sing along!"
"Why not?"
"Reason #1: The whole concept of decorating doesn't do a lot to inspire me. Reason #2: My back is hurting from you being up there so long. Reason #3: Everyone can see me like this. Reason #4: Your flying friend can't keep his giggles to himself. Do I need to go on?"
"Sheesh, Ralph, where's your holiday spirit? We need to hang out more often... Tails, hold still! It's hard enough doing this on Ralph's back without you bobbing up and down like that!"
"Sorry Sonic, it's hard for me to hold it at the right height."
"Tell me again why you need my help with this?"
"A. You're the right height for hanging the holiday banners, B. Tails can't fly them up himself and C. You're more convenient than carrying a stepladder."
"Oh goodie."
Game Central Station was abuzz with the annual holiday decorating session, which typically occurr
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 30 7
Tales of the Lion King: The Emissary
After the Battle of Gulu, the strategic situation once again turned into a stalemate. Shenzi, determined not to be dislodged from Kampala and back across the river, placed three packs - a significant minority of the forces available to her now - permanently at the waterhole and ordered them to hold it to the last hyena if necessary should the Pridelanders attempt to attack it. Simba, for his part, was not about to try a head-on assault against those numbers without more support; instead, he kept the hyenas on the defensive by having patrols circle around Kampala, which kept the hyenas on alert and precluded further hyena raids on Gulu and Kapoeta.
The hyenas had already passed their high water mark, and were continuing to decline in numbers. The Pridelanders were waxing, and were determine to increase in numbers...
"Father... please... can you hear me? Can you help me decide?"
King Simba was speaking to seemingly nothing, trying to contact the spirit of his father thr
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 1 0
Tales of the Lion King: 'Get Shenzi!'
The Pridelanders and the Hyena Matriarchy were now engaged in a strategic dance for domination of the slowly recovering Pridelands. Hyenas would venture out nervously to a watering hole to test how close to Pride Rock they could go, hoping against hope that the Pridelanders would not ambush them. After it was discovered that 3-4 lionnesses could wipe out a family group, Shenzi ordered all family groups to go to a watering hole in pairs, basically meaning that Simba would have to commit most or all of his pride to drive them away from that particular watering hole. Though this strategy couldn't hold every watering hole, it did mean that the hyenas could gain some territory across the river from the Elephant Graveyard.
King Simba's overall strategy was to win the war by way of attrition: whittling down hyena numbers and increasing their own until the stronghold of the Elephant Graveyard could be stormed. The immediate objective was to stem the new hyena expansion with a
:icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 0 0

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